#BoulevardRecommends: Movies to watch

During this time, we want to help with keeping you entertained so every week we’re going to be asking our fantastic team to recommend a different set of things! This week, it’s the best feel-good films we’ve been watching. Take a gander at the list, choose one and set up your perfect cosy cinema den in your living room. Let us know what movies you get round to and send us pictures of your cosy set up using #BoulevardRecommends on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

Hugh, Production Assistant recommends:

1. Call Me By Your Name

Based on best-selling novel of the same name by Andre Aciman this is a ground-breaking piece of LGBT cinema. Telling the story of and awakening of Elio and Oliver and a summer in Italy. Sure to make you ugly cry but in the best of ways, watch for a reminder of how it felt to be heart-breakingly in love for the first time. Where to watch? Rent on YouTube or Google Play.

2. Dead Poets Society

A brilliantly moving watch, Dead Poets Society follows an English teacher (Robin Williams) inspiring his students to go against the status quo and break the societal norms through his teachings of poetry. A touching coming-of-age drama which will tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, make you cry and show you raw humanity. A must-see movie. Where to watch? Rent on Amazon or YouTube.

3. Moonrise Kingdom

A once-upon-a-time tale where two people in love, run away from their home and create their own fantasy in a secluded island cove but did we mention, they’re twelve? When Sam and Suzy, two unpopular kids, love becomes too powerful they run away and prompt an entire island to begin a search party for them. A poignant coming-of-age drama. Where to watch? Rent on YouTube or Google Play.

4. Fantastic Mr Fox

Based on the hit children’s book by Roald Dhal, this brilliant stop-motion animation of Fantastic Mr Fox is not one to miss. Mr Fox, a family man, can’t ignore his animalistic instincts when he finds he can’t stop killing chickens but what happens when the farmer catch wind of him? Expect delightful humour, goofy brilliance and fun for the whole family. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Joanne, Duty Manager recommends:

1. Princess Mononoke (or any Stuido Ghibli films)

A Japanese fantasy film and masterclass in animated storytelling. The young protagonist, young Ashitaka is infected by an animal attack and journeys to find a cure from the deer-like god, Shishigami. Expect romance, badass action and the hilariously sweet comedy Studio Ghibli is known for.  Where to watch? Netflix.

2. Addams Family Values

You can’t beat a hilarious classic to mooch to in these times. Follow the gothic, hilariously weird Addams family as they try to rescue their Uncle Fester from his gold-digging wife, who also happens to be a serial killer… Macabre humour, comedic violence and ghoulish fun. Where to watch? Rent from Amazon or YouTube.

Stephanie, Box Officer Manager recommends

Howl’s Moving Castle

A Japanese animated film based on the novel of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones. Our young protagonist, Sophie, has a normal life at her late father’s hat shop when she befriends the magical and mystical Howl, who lives in a flying castle. Get ready for the twists and turns as the evil witch casts a spell on Sophie and Howl battles to restore her to her former glory. Where to watch? Netflix.

Darjeeling Limited (or any Wes Anderson film)

A spontaneous, energetic, powerfully emotional film directed by award-winning Wes Anderson which follows the journey of three brothers who set out on a train journey across India after the death of their father. The brothers attempt to rekindle their relationship and get back the bond they lost before their father’s passing. Where to watch? Rent on YouTube or Google Play.

Lord of the Rings Marathon

If you’re looking for something to pass the time, this really is it. You have to be very dedicated to watch all three films in one sitting, totalling at just over 11 hours so grab that popcorn, turn down the lights and settled in for a day of hobbits, talking trees and wizards. (P.S. We’ve also seen some pretty fab drinking games to go with this series… there’s a few Friday night sorted for you)

Beatrice, Event Sales and Relationships Manager recommends

The Aviator

Epic biographical drama film depicting the early years of legendary Director and aviator Howard Hughes’ career. Follow the descent of one of the most colourful American’s of the 20th century, from eccentric billionaire to reclusive madman. Where to watch? Netflix or to rent on Youtube and Google Play.

Some Like It Hot

A proper classic featuring the phenomenal Marilyn Monroe, after witnessing a mob attack two friends improvise quick plan to escape from Chicago still alive. Hiding themselves by dressing up as women they join an all-female jazz band and grab the next train to sunny Florida. A joyful classic which delivers comedy no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Where to watch? Rent on Youtube or Google Play.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

A young man (Johnny Depp) is caught between looking after his disabled younger-brother, morbidly obese mother and falling in love with the girl who has just come into town, Becky. A poignant, quirky and sweet film well worth the watch. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Leon, General Manager recommends

Everyone Says I love you

An American Musical Comedy, wonderfully over the top and a little silly. A New York girl decides to set up her divorced father with another women amidst the drama of trying to calm her younger sisters pre-marital anxiety. The question being, will she succeed? Where to watch? Amazon Prime.


A thrilling detective story following Leonard Shelby, an insurance investigator who wakes up and the last thing he remembers is that his wife has been murdered. Suffering from anterograde amnesia he uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks did it. Where to watch? Netflix.

Emma, Line Producer (Lates and Sunday Service) recommends


A coming-of-age feel-good movie perfectly balanced with comedic and emotional moments. Academic overachievers Amy and Molly realise on the eve of their graduation they may have missed out on some of the special moments of their teenage years. Determined to make up for lost time, chaos ensues. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Sing Street

Musical coming-of-age comedy film based in Dublin in the 80s during the recession. Privately schooled Connor is moved to a tough-inner-city alternative and attempts to adjust to his new life by starting a band. A perfect mood-booster. Where to watch? Rent on YouTube or Amazon.

The Apartment

An oldie but a goodie. This rom com follows Baxter, a clerk in the insurance company, who lends out his apartment to colleagues to carry out their extramarital affairs. However, a spanner is thrown in the works when Baxter falls in love. Expect laughs, maybe a few tears and an all round good time. Where to watch? Rent on YouTube or Amazon.

Stephen, Production Coordinator recommends


This stunningly beautiful film is always one to make you smile. Despite being caught in her imaginative world, Amelie, a young waitress, decides to help people find happiness. Her quest to spread joy leads her on a delightful journey where she finds true love. Where to watch? Rent on YouTube or Amazon.


A hilarious female-driven comedy with genuine characters, laugh out loud gags and hysterical fun. Annie is asked by her best friend to be her maid of honour, however chaos ensues when wedding traditions are put aside in favour of a feud with fellow bridesmaid. Who really is the brides true best friends? Always one to make you laugh. Where to watch? Rent on YouTube or Google Play.

Life is Beautiful

Always one to make you ugly cry. A Jewish father and his family are surrounded by Nazi death camps. Living in a hostile environment, he uses humour to shield his young son from the grim realities of war. Enormously likeable and stubbornly entertaining. Where to watch? Rent on Amazon or YouTube.

David, Duty Manager recommends

Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle

The second instalment in the classic Charlie’s Angel’s films follow the three angels as they investigate a series of murders which occur after the theft of a witness protection database. An absolute classic if we’ve ever heard of one. Where to watch? Netflix or rent on Youtube from just £4.99.


The incredibly true story of a group of LGBT activities who raised money to help families affected by the British Miners’ strike in 1984. Watch for some life-affirming brilliance when two unlikely groups unite and fight the man. Where to watch? Rent on Youtube or Google Play for under £5.


Follow Ali (Christina Aguilera) as she travels to LA with dreams of taking to the stage and how she transforms the burlesque lounge she finds herself in… Expect incredible songs, amazing dancings and drama. Lots of drama. Where to watch? Netflix or available to rent on Amazon Prime.


Inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a group of former strippers who struggle for money when the Wall Street crash of 2008 wipes out the sex industry. They decide to get their own back on the Wall Street criminals. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Emma, Marketing Assistant recommends


You can’t really beat any Disney film at this point but for proper Disney humour, a heroic female lead and some touching family moments, this is the film for you. Where to watch? Disney + (there is the option to get a seven day free trial!).

She’s The Man

An oldie, but a goodie. The laughs don’t stop coming when Viola (Amanda Bynes) dresses up as her twin brother to play soccer with the boys team. Little is she prepared to fall for the star forward and for the chaos it brings! Expect hilarity with some touching life-affirming moments. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Pretty Woman

The classic, rich boy meets struggling prostitute, invites her to live with him for a bit and they fall in love. Although maybe a little dated now, this truly is a feel-good rom com and lets you escape for a couple of hours. Look out for the classic quote ‘big mistake… huge’, a few fist fights and the brilliance that is Julia Roberts. Where to watch? Rent from Youtube or Google Play.