#BoulevardRecommends: Series to watch (part two)

During this time, we want to help with keeping you entertained so we’ve been checking in with our team and asking them to recommend things to sink your teeth into! This week, it’s the best series we’ve been binge watching to get through these crazy times. Take a gander at the list, choose one and settle in for the long ride. Let us know what you get round to watching using #BoulevardRecommends on social media (@BoulevardSoho). We’d love to hear from you!

Leon, General Manager recommends


A historical drama television series following, you guessed it, the vikings. Watch as Ragnor Lothbrok, legendary Norse hero, grows from a farmer to the fearless warrior in command of the Viking Tribes. Expect some epic action-packed fight scenes, strange goings-on and to learn a little bit of history (in a very exciting way). Blood, guts, sex and magic all included. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Bob’s Burgers

An American animated sitcom created around the Belcher Family (Bob, Linda and their three kids Tina, Gene and Louise) who run a hamburger restaurant. If you love Archer, Family Guy, The Simpsons or American Dad, get on this right now. Expect funny, easy watching where you really fall in love with the characters. Where to watch? Amazon Prime or rent on YouTube.


A classic you can’t go wrong with. There are 331 episodes spread over 15 seasons so this is sure to keep you entertained for the time being. Set in Chicago, ER deals with the personal and professional crises of the doctors in the emergency room at County General Hospital. Watch for drama, romance, comedy and many difficult decisions. (Also prepare yourself to care for those characters as much as you care for your dog.) Where to watch? All 4 or Amazon Prime.


Another medial comedy-drama to sink your teeth (back) into and now might be the perfect time to watch it as the podcast ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’ hosted by Zach Braff (JD) and Donald Faison (Turk) has just been released. In it the real-life friends examine every episode and take us behind the scenes with some hilarious anecdotes from filming days. For the show, expect unpredictable hilarity coming from patients and co-workers alike as JD feels his way through his intern year, learning about his profession, friendship and life. Where to watch? All 4, Amazon Prime or rent on YouTube.

David, Duty Manager recommends


Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Well, here is another series you should really be watching. This spin off written by Russell T. Davies follows Captain Jack and the team of Torchwood as they investigate the unusual, the strange and completely out of this world. Watch for true 2000s nostalgia, sci-fi and brilliant storylines. Where to watch? Amazon Prime or rent on Google Play.

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

Short-form comedic series based on the love lives of five actor friends living in Los Angeles but no short synopsis will do this show justice. With brilliant self-aware characters you can’t help but fall in love with and just a stones throw from reality, this is a series you don’t want to miss. Where to watch? YouTube

Emma, Marketing Assistant recommends

Desperate Housewives

If you’ve never seen this epic series, you’ll want to settle in for a journey of ups and downs with drama oozing out of every twist and turn. Follow the housewives of Wisteria Lane, although their lives seem perfect on the outside you never know what goes on behind closed doors… Get ready for 8 seasons of scandals, crime, romance and comedy. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Grey’s Anatomy

We would like to pre-warn you before tuning into this series, you will cry. Follow Meredith Grey and a group of interns as they work their way up to becoming surgeons at (surely one of the most) drama-filled hospitals ever. Expect heart-wrenching moments, shining lights of happiness, the best romantic relationships and some light comedy to round this into the masterpiece it is today. Where to watch? Amazon Prime.

Tiger King

This list just wouldn’t be complete without the epic-ness that is Tiger King. You may have heard about Joe Exotic, Carol Baskin and the wildness that surrounds them but you cannot truly know the madness that everyone is talking about until you switch this series on. Utterly too mad to explain, you’ll have to see it to believe it. Where to watch? Netflix.

Beatrice, Event Sales and Relationships Manager recommends

Absolutely Fabulous

Otherwise know as Ab Fab , this British television sitcom is an oldie but a goodie! With brilliantly uncensored bad behaviour, Ab Fab follows Edina and Patsy, hard-drinking, drug-taking, outrageously selfish middle-aged women and their lives. Funny, easy watching which you’ll gasp along to at each transgression. Where to watch? Netflix, Amazon Prime or rent on YouTube.


Suitably chilling crime television series following serial bad-person killer, Dexter, who also happens to be a forensic technician for the Miami Police. Good thing he knows all the ways to get away with murder. Just you watch out as he becomes your favourite murderer on TV… Where to watch? Amazon Prime or rent on Google Play.

Green Wing

A comedy sort-of medical drama set in the surreal East Hampton Hospital. From the award-wining team behind Smack the Pony comes this quick-fire and genre-defying comedy series sure to make you laugh until you hurt. Where to watch? All 4 or Amazon Prime.