Code of conduct

1. The following code of conduct for attending the Boulevard has been created to safeguard the Boulevard, its interests and its guests and to preserve their enjoyment of the venue. We strive to present a welcoming, safe environment and to be open to all.

2. We encourage guests to use the Boulevard as best befits their intent, and to their full enjoyment, while acting with generosity and grace to all others. We expect guests not to conduct themselves in a manner likely to cause discomfort, inconvenience or annoyance to other guests or to behave in such a manner as to bring the Boulevard into disrepute.

3. Guest are expected at all times to take the utmost care of their own health and safety and not act in any way that endangers themselves or those around them.

4. Should any guest feel harassed in any way or observe any harassment of guests or staff by any other guest or staff, the observer is encouraged to inform any manager on duty immediately. The informant’s anonymity will be respected at all times, unless waived by the informant or we are required to pass details to a responsible authority. Harassment includes offensive verbal or written comments related to profession, gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, sexual activity and unwelcome sexual attention. We do not tolerate disruptive behaviour including repeated interruption, inebriation (or similar intoxication) and open aggression. Guests asked to stop any inappropriate or disruptive behaviour are expected to comply immediately.

5. We reserve the right to remove any guest at any time that is under suspicion of acting inappropriately or counter to this code of conduct. Should any guest be removed from our premises, they may forfeit any further right to enter our premises, use their membership and/or be barred from subsequent entry. We will offer no reimbursement of financial loss that the guest will incur as a consequence of our need to take action.

6. We reserve the right of refusal:

(a) The Boulevard is a venue for “public accommodation” not a “public place” and a member of the public cannot insist on attendance.
(b) We will never refuse entry or service on the grounds of sex, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation and religion or belief.
(c) Being refused actual entry to the premises is a simple extension of the right of refusal to serve.
(d) A door supervisor is acting on behalf of, or under instructions from, us, the licence holder, and therefore can exercise the right of refusal on our behalf.
(e) We will always use our best endeavours to ensure that a guest is not suffering from a medical condition which might appear to have the same characteristics as someone who is drunk.
(f) The licensing objectives (namely the prevention of crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance, protection of children from harm and public safety) will always be of greatest concern to us, especially preventing crime and disorder and protecting children from harm.
(g) It is a criminal offence to sell alcohol to a person aged under the age of 18. We operate a Challenge 25 policy. More information is available at
(h) A drunken person must always be refused entry and service.
(i) A disruptive audience member or guest may be refused entry or ejected if their behaviour is considered intimidating or a nuisance. A person is guilty of a public nuisance (also known as common nuisance), who (a) does an act not warranted by law, or (b) omits to discharge a legal duty, if the effect of the act or omission is to endanger the life, health, property or comfort of the public, or to obstruct the public in the exercise or enjoyment of rights common to all Her Majesty’s subjects.

7. Guests should not use the Boulevard for the purposes of any trade, profession or business or in a manner prejudicial to our interests.

8. Children are welcome at the Boulevard, provided that anyone under the age of 18 is supervised by an adult (and such supervision is not less than 1 adult per 10 children). We ask that parents and guardians prevent disruption by children to other guests and operations. We ask that children younger than 14 vacate the venue by 10pm, unless attending a private event or scheduled ticketed performance during which the former condition relating to supervision and disruption applies.

9. We do not operate a strict dress code but we do ask that guests are presentably dressed in a manner that is not intended to cause offence. Guests may be refused entry who are deemed to be dressed in a manner that is intentionally provocative.

10. Any accident or injury occurring on the premises must be reported to staff at the time of occurrence to allow for full support and investigation. Failure to do so will prevent us acting in accordance with health & safety obligations and insurance conditions.

11. In attending our premises, guests agree to enjoy our hospitality and entertainment in accordance with common law. Should any guest feel that they have not received the level of service or product expected of the Boulevard, they must first make their complaint known to the staff who will escalate the grievance as set out within our complaints procedure. Failure to follow these conditions by the guest may prevent a satisfactory resolution for both the complainant and the Boulevard.

12. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere at the Boulevard at any time. Guests are permitted to smoke only within the confines of Walker’s Court as designated by supervising staff. It should be noted that members of the general public who leave our premises to smoke after core licensing hours may not be able to re-enter.

13. We offers a very high standard of hospitality, created and curated with great skill and care. Every effort has been made to provide our hospitality to all means and as such no food or beverage of any kind purchased outside the Boulevard may be consumed on the premises.

14. Soho is a residential area of London. We kindly ask that, when exiting our premises, guests do so in a manner respectful to our neighbours and whenever possible southwards towards Brewer Street.

15. No animals are permitted on our premises with the exception of those required for assistance and those required for the artistic programme.

16. During ticketed performances glassware cannot be brought into the auditorium. Plastic cups are available at the bars.

17. There are no cloakroom facilities at the Boulevard. Guests can leave buggies and large bags with the ushers at their own risk during a performance.

18. We operate as a cashless venue and, as such, are not able to accept cash for purchases. All major debit and credit cards are accepted throughout the venue.

19. We intend to provide an exceptional working environment to all our staff, allowing for pride and enjoyment in the course of their employment. We ask that guests join in offering respect and generosity to our staff at all times.

20. We will endeavour to provide the highest quality of experience throughout all methods of engagement. We will seek to ensure the health and safety of our guests in accordance with this code of conduct. We are not liable to any guest for any loss, damage or injury that occurs as a result of any action that is not in accordance with this code of conduct.

21. We shall be sole arbiter in the interpretation of this code of conduct and this code of conduct shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law and its justices. In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of this code of conduct, the matter shall be referred to the General Manager, and further the Board of the Boulevard.