Sunday Service: Concerts

with Abel Selaocoe

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Join us every Sunday for a concert showcasing the most exciting and inventive artists in classical music. Whether you’re new to the genre or a seasoned sonata fan, our programme of work has something for everyone, from Baroque and Romantic to experimental new work and improvisation.

with Abel Selaocoe

South African cellist Abel Selaocoe is redefining the parameters of the cello. He moves seamlessly across a plethora of genres and styles, from collaborations with world musicians and beatboxers, to concerto performances and solo classical recitals. Heavily influenced by South Africa and with a deep rooting in classical music, Abel combines virtuosic performance with improvisation and singing. He has a special interest in curating recital programmes that highlight the links between Western and non-Western musical traditions, with a view to helping classical music reach a more diverse audience.

In this programme, Abel conveys a story of modern childhood from the South African township, one that is immersed in traditional culture yet still influenced by the global western culture. He tells stories about the trials and joys of motherhood, the effects of apartheid on the youth and a healing nation. These are carved out in the languages of English, Zulu and Sesotho, and combined with virtuosic rhythms and the lyricism of the cello.