How to support the arts this #WorldTheatreDay2020

Happy World Theatre Day!

In these strange times we find ourselves in, you might be wondering how you can support the arts, whether that be your local theatre, cinema or people working in the industry. Here, we give you some easy ways you can support the arts and entertainment industry during these difficult times.

  1. Follow everyone on social media and send some good vibes their way! Maybe post some pictures of when you visited or tell them why you love them using #theatrelove.
  2. Sign up to their mailing list to stay up to date with all the news. (You can find ours here)
  3. We know this crisis affects everyone differently so, only if you can, consider signing up for a membership or becoming a friend at your favourite theatre. Most memberships start at a very reasonable price and contain perks such as priority booking and special membership news! You can check our different memberships available here.
  4. Consider, instead of getting a refund for any theatre tickets you have booked, getting credit to your account to use for future theatre shows.
  5. Book for some future theatre shows for when we’re all up and running again, it’ll be good to have audiences back.
  6. Lastly, if you’d like to specifically support the freelancers working in this industry right now, the FFF (Funds For Freelancers) has been set up especially for those affected by COVID-19. The FFF is a financial resource for actors, creatives, ushers and others working in the industry, you can find that here!

Thank you for wanting to support the arts at the moment – it is appreciated more than you know. Please be kind, be safe and be careful in these difficult times.